Claremont Savings Bank Grant Funds Storage Shed For BRAT - More Help Needed

posted Saturday, October 30, 2021

A dozen coolers of varying sizes. Nets on long poles. Buckets. Wading boots. Kayaks and lifejackets. Tools for tree planting. Totes of trash bags, work gloves, and tee shirts. These are just some of the items stored long-term by the Black River Action Team, according to BRAT Founder and Director Kelly Stettner. While Kelly keeps more perishable items in her home (paper files, water quality measuring instruments, etc.), the durable items accumulated over two decades of water-related projects are in need of secure, dry storage. The existing metal shed has served its basic purpose but is roughly 15 years old. The roof leaks, despite treatment with special rubberized paint a few years ago; the particle-board floor gets damp and soft, and small rodents find their way in to find shelter.

Local builder Randy Gray will be able to custom design and build a taller wooden shed with rugged features that should help it last for decades. At Kelly's direction, Randy will incorporate salvaged windows and doors to help keep costs down as well as provide for potential winterization of the shed in the future, so that projects can be worked on in all kinds of weather. While Kelly wishes to extend her gratitude for a generous $2,000 grant from the Claremont Savings Bank, another $500 is needed to see the project through to completion, which is scheduled to wrap up before Thanksgiving (weather permitting).

To assist in the fundraising effort, Kelly encourages everyone to consider dropping off their redeemable cans and bottles at either the Springfield Redemption Center (near Riverside Middle School in Springfield) or the Brewfest Beverage Co at 199 Main Street in Ludlow. Make sure to tell them to donate the money to the Black River Action Team! If 100 people each drop off 100 cans over the course of the month of November, that will cover the full $500. BRAT can also collect used/broken cell phones and digital cameras for a fundraising program, as well as empty HP or Brother brand inkjet and laserjet cartridges. Donations are always gratefully welcomed at 101 Perley Gordon Road, Springfield, VT 05156 (made payable to "BRAT" for tax purposes). Please contact Kelly Stettner directly for further information on how to support "The Big Build." Email her at [email protected] or leave a message at (802) 738-0456.

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