A Nature-Based Program for Preschoolers Continues in Grafton

posted Friday, January 10, 2020

Join a local community of parents and budding scientists with The Nature Museum's Mighty Acorns Club. The Mighty Acorns Club provides creative, exploratory preschool programs which celebrate curiosity and encourage a love and respect for the natural world.

We offer a series of monthly, interactive, nature-based experiences for children ages 3 to 5 and their caregivers. Experienced and energetic environmental educators lead regular Mighty Acorns Club programs and the themes are always closely tied to the seasonal rhythms of the natural world.

The schedule for the winter and spring includes Winter Wonderland: Winter Science and Play on Friday, February 7; A Treat from the Trees: Maple Syrup on Friday, March 6; Spring Changes: Amphibians and Birds on the Move on Friday, April 3; Nature Creations: Art and Fairy House Building on Friday, May 1. The series meets on the first Friday morning of the month.

Come learn about why winter is a special time for the many plants, animals, and humans who call Vermont home, and be ready to take an adventure into the winter forest where we'll explore and discover with new eyes. We will spend most of our time outdoors regardless of the weather, so come prepared with cozy boots, jackets, and hats so we can really experience the elements.

Drops-ins are welcome. Preregistration is encouraged but is not required. When pre-registered on-line, The Mighty Acorns Club costs $5 per child. Drop-ins are welcome at the door for $8.

These programs are geared towards children ages 3 to 5, but older children are welcome to attend if interested. Caregivers and babes-in-arms are always welcome to attend for free. To learn more about upcoming programs and to register, visit nature-museum.org.

The Nature Museum provides natural history and science exhibits, creates experiences that engage and enlighten audiences of all ages, and inspires stewardship of our natural world through programming for adults and children, including the annual Fairy House Festival each September.

Friday, February 7, 2019
Winter Wonderland: Winter Science and Play

In Vermont, we're lucky to have the outdoors become a special winter wonderland for much of the season. With all the cold and the snow comes fun activities like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice skating, and more! So, what makes snow and ice special? For this program we'll learn some basics of winter and experience it too! Come join us for some snow science experiments, learn how to snowshoe, make a snowperson, and bring your own sled to take a slide down our meadow hill! Make sure to do a snow dance and join us in celebrating winter! Notes: Some of these program activities will depend upon sufficient snowpack. We will adjust activities accordingly. To help us make sure we have enough snowshoes for everyone, please let us know if you would like to reserve pairs when registering or by contacting us directly!

Friday, March 6, 2019
A Treat from the Trees: Maple Syrup

Do you like maple syrup on your pancakes? Maybe you like it better on French toast! Maple syrup is a true sweet treat of nature! Where does maple syrup come from? What happens to get it from tree to pancake? There is a lot that happens to make this special sweet syrup. Come discover more about the New England tradition of maple sugaring. If the time is right, we'll visit a local sugar shack to see maple sugaring in action! Alternatively, we'll head outside to discover nearby maple trees, thank them for their sweet treat, taste some maple syrup, and make a sugar shack craft. Note: If there is a deep snowpack, we will use snowshoes. To help us make sure we have enough snowshoes for everyone, please let us know if you would like to reserve any pairs when registering or by contacting us directly!

Friday, April 3, 2019
Spring Changes: Amphibians and Birds on The Move

Knock knock! Spring is right at our doorstep! With spring comes all kinds of changes, including the migration of amphibians and many birds. We'll learn about who these critters are and more about their special spring journeys. We'll look at some hands-on amphibian and bird bio-facts and go on an adventure outdoors. We'll see if we can observe some of the first changes of the season, keep our eyes our eyes peeled for recently returning feathered friends, and investigate a local pond for early signs of awakening amphibians.

Friday, May 1, 2019
Nature Creations: Art and Fairy House Building

Nature play happens in many ways. For this program, we'll use our creativity and imagination to inspire our play in a special way! We'll wander through field and forest discovering and collecting all kinds of nature items along our way. These special findings will help inspire us in fairy house building and a group art creation! Acorn caps may become special plates, grasses may become streaks of green in a collage, bark may become a sturdy roof, pinecones may become ornaments, and leaves may become a cozy bed. Come get creative, the fairies will be waiting for you!

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