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Inner Fire Receives Act 250 Approval for Construction of a 12-bed Therapeutic and Community Residence in Brookline, VT

Inner Fire Receives Act 250 Approval for Construction of a 12-bed Therapeutic and Community Residence in Brookline, VT

posted Monday, December 18, 2017

BROOKLINE, VT - After nearly a year, Inner Fire, Inc. has received an Act 250 development permit that authorizes the construction of a 12-bed therapeutic and community residence for up to 12 adults, an art barn and associated infrastructure. The project will be located on 26 Parker Road, in Brookline, VT.

"Since founding Inner Fire in 2013, it has been our dream to build a family sized, fully licensed residential facility that would be a healing, nurturing, comfortable and safe environment with spaces for creative arts, gardening, forestry and more," says Beatrice Birch, founder of Inner Fire.

Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in the United States. For too many people, antidepressants and other psychotropic, mind altering medications avoid important issues by numbing and disconnecting the individuals from what makes them human: clear thinking, heartfelt feeling or directed willing. Feelings of despair and isolation typically increase suicidal thoughts and actions. The impact suicide has on the lives of family members, friends, co- workers and the community is devastating. The loss of human potential is enormous.

Inner Fire was founded with the sole purpose of saving lives by offering the choice to avoid or taper safely off addictive psychotropic medications by engaging in proactive artistic therapies and physical, practical work in a supportive community. Too many disheartened people, unaware of such options, choose to take their lives, rather than live in a fog of emotional and psychological pain.

Now, in its third year, Inner Fire has supported fourteen seekers from across the country. The primary belief that human beings are creators rather than victims is at the heart of the program. Inner Fire believes in the therapeutic value of physical, outdoor, communal work, as well as individual and group therapies, which encourage soul/spiritual growth and a reverence for life.

Inner Fire retains experienced and dedicated professional staff and therapists and works with a homeopath and anthroposophical medical doctor as well as a psychiatrist who are all committed to facilitating the healing process through respectful, holistic, high quality care for the participants.

"While we are moving earth, felling trees, drilling the well and digging the septic system on a beautiful piece of land, we recognize that Inner Fire itself is the beginning of a movement offering a choice to those who do not want to be medicated," says Birch.

"We've already heard from health professionals and struggling individuals from around the world interested in the Inner Fire model. The Brookline initiative is just the beginning of a movement aimed at deep healing. Now that we've acquired the Act 250 permit, construction completion by next May will be influenced by the rate of financial contributions. Inner Fire encourages those with a shared vision, to demonstrate their continued support through advocacy and action."

Toward the completion of an individual's year, the option of living in a Creative Living Community where one can practice all one has learned: various life skills along with cooking, gardening, forestry and housekeeping and receive help in finding meaningful employment opportunities along with apprenticing with a local artist, crafts or tradesperson will be offered.

Inner Fire is an approved non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization. For further information:

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